I have worked with acrylic colours and chalk on canvas.

There are many more paintings! This is just a selection. If you are interested in more paintings, contact me or visit my instagram: 

If you are interested to buy a painting, feel free to contact me via e-mail! 

beauty of vulnerability; 50x60cm; SOLD
circle of thoughts; 121,5x79,5cm
also sunflowers die; 80x60cm
shit happens; 60x80 cm
sea of memories; NOT FOR SALE
Life is a journey; 50x50cm
Sometimes it seems foggy; 60x80 cm
the world is bananas; 80x60cm
another selfportrait s/madness; 79,5x121,5cm
I wanna fly high; 60x80 cm
i want to put you in a safe bubble; 80x120cm; SOLD
Passion; details on request
day or night? night or day? 100x100cm
too much, details on request
lonely journey; details on request
everybody is a little alien living in her*his own world; deteails on request
no title, details on request

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Lena Edlinger