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About my last project: 
I was working on the mixed media body painting project „Body Landscapes“, which was sponsored by Come on!- Kultur Niederösterreich.
The focus was on the various forms of the human body, which are shown as different landscapes in the
body painting as different landscapes and are captured photographically.
Our bodies are as diverse, individual and beautiful
as landscapes.
The aim of the project was on the one hand to give a different perspective on the forms of our bodies, and on the other hand
 to show the connection of our bodies with nature.

Earth and bodies offer us a home, earth and bodies offer us space and protection.
The project deals with perception, appreciation and mindfulness
towards nature, our bodies and the earth.
It encourages us to look at the human body with a different eye, namely the way we look at a landscape.
how we look at a landscape, – to be fascinated how (differently) we are shaped, – to be astonished
to look with amazement at unique features such as dents or wrinkles, and to encounter thebody in a playful way.

mother nature

If you are interested in more photos taken during the project, please request a digital catalog from me by e-mail.
The photos are for sale as prints and postcards.
More info about the exhibition will follow.

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